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Lake House

Mayoh Design has recently been working on exciting projects, such as replacing a small, cottage that has been in one family for decades into a beautiful new home. In addition, this home was designed for extended family to enjoy the lake, complete with a hanging cedar and canvas canoe in the dining room, made by the homeowner's grandfather. 

 From the client. "As our family planned to rebuild our summer cabin where I had grown up on Kootenay Lake, the Engineering Consultant who helped us previously suggested that I call Leigh Mayoh of Mayoh Designs to help with planning. He was correct-- Leigh and I met several times on site and in Victoria to mold our sketched plan into a superb set of plans for the project. Every step of this process was both fun and rewarding, with Leigh's relaxed, exacting manner. He made the right suggestions and incorporated the features we desired.  He also suggested the Contractor (North Shore Builders), who brought the project to completion, resulting in an exciting Lakehouse for us to enjoy in any season." Ross -Victoria BC

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