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Home Design

Mayoh Design works with their clients to create a home that is best suited for their needs, style and budget. Cooperation with the client is the key to a successful project. We make sure that our design process achieves the clients goals.

A full set of Permit Drawings is provided with 3D overviews so that the client can visualize their home. We provide the information that the contractor needs for a successful build. 

Additional Services Available

Projects vary a great deal from very basic designs to very complex and integrated components. Our experience ensures that we can provide the level of expertise that is required.

Contractor Coordination

We know the value of providing a set of drawings that are clear and concise for the contractor. We provide the information that the contractor needs.

Timber Design

Mayoh Design can design a home that has a fully rationalized Timber Frame. We are able to coordinate with suppliers that have high quality Douglas Fir that is cut and finished for a specific project. On these projects, we are able to incorporate curved timber elements as well as functional or decorative steel elements. For a more contemporary look, we can provide the same level of coordination with Glulam Beams.

Engineer Coordination

Most projects are straightforward and do not require a Structural Engineer. But, when an Engineer is required we are able to work seamlessly with the engineer to make sure that the project objectives and design intent is clear. 

Online Meetings

We can't always be in the same place at the same time. Online meetings are an efficient way for Mayoh Design to meet with clients that are far away.


Leigh Mayoh has over 20 years of experience as a designer creating homes across North America. He has worked as a Timber-Frame designer and as a lead designer for a Pre-Fabricated home company. This background and knowledge is valuable in projects that require an integrated and coordinated approach.​

Leigh has worked on projects for Resort Communities, Mountain or Island Getaways, Laneway Housing and Urban Residential homes. 

Leigh is a strong believer in including the client in the design process. His easy going approach makes it easy for the client to feel included in the design process.


Leigh Mayoh


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